I call my mother Lucy Boettcher because my phone had a notification that she called me, so I was returning the call. She lies and tells me she did not call at all. Flat out lies. Then she asks me what I want from her, she already knows that IContinue Reading

Police in Spain are handing out 10 million masks — meanwhile in America… pic.twitter.com/O7q9Udq7te — NowThis (@nowthisnews) April 14, 2020     Disturbing footage shows NYPD officers forcibly detaining a little boy for selling snacks on the subway pic.twitter.com/zj35GHjFGz — NowThis (@nowthisnews) April 14, 2020

You have heard of Murphy’s law, if it can happen it will. Then there is Anna’s law if it can happen it will happen to me, then there is Dave’s  law which I should of paid better attention to but as far as I recall surmounted to what goes aroundContinue Reading