Dream World

I call my mother Lucy Boettcher because my phone had a notification that she called me, so I was returning the call. She lies and tells me she did not call at all. Flat out lies.

Then she asks me what I want from her, she already knows that I need assistance saving the kids lives. She starts talking about money, I tell her I am not asking for money I am asking for the truth. I am not asking her to lie, simply stand up and tell the real live actual truth.

She actually had the nerve to say to me that I was living in a dream world.

She has no intention of telling the truth. None.

The call was placed at 7:31p.m. on 4/21/2020 as far as I am concerned she is an accessory in everything that has happened including the kidnapping and rape of my kids and at this point possibly myself. Including all the abuse and possible fathers I had that orchestrated the abuse, rapes, and kidnappings.

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