Dave’s law

You have heard of Murphy’s law, if it can happen it will. Then there is Anna’s law if it can happen it will happen to me, then there is Dave’s  law which I should of paid better attention to but as far as I recall surmounted to what goes around comes around, then you land in jail.

In other words, do not break god’s law and any other kind of law and then you will be safe from Dave’s law.

The reason this was brought up is this.

I was walking in Washington D.C., a man started to yell about law, he said “You ain’t got no law” – Now he has my attention. “You ain’t go no?” that got my attention. What is this man screaming about, a man had just tried to ask me for a cigarette and when he did so this man went off. Apparently he did not want the man to ask me for a smoke.

I listen as he yells in a solider and matter of a fact type way, he is literally infuriated and I do not think his heat is fake. Just like my father. He is screaming at the top of his lungs like a solider would.

The man is yelling mother fuckers, calling everyone liars, saying they are all lieing about him, and freaking out about the law. He said “You do not listen to anybody, you do not follow the law, you ain’t got no law” Now its MY LAW”.  My eyes get big, I know what that means I hurriedly walk away and as I am walking I keep repeating “Oh boy”, I know this means my father is so pissed off he now has people on the street delivering a message for him and not only are they using his words but they are all fired up like he gets.

It takes alot to get him that angry.

I am stuck at the stop light, the walk sign says do not walk. I am listening as the man starts screaming again, I hear him say, “You got no proof, you got nothing on me! You don’t know shit! I did not do anything! I am being falsely accused! Prove it! things of this nature mixed in with the word “Mother fuckers”. “You motherfuckers ain’t got no proof. Again with the ain’t got no’s. (Do you know how long and hard it was for me to get rid of the “ain’t got no’s.?” Really hard and a really long time. Then one day it came out of my mouth and I was like wooooh where did that come from.  These are words deleted from my vocabulary just like I have had to do with the curse words. I could swear like a sailor because of him and my family. My father calls it “Refinement” I call it “auto correct”. Same thing.

The point is, this man is angry about something and I hear him screaming my father’s words and in those words I hear the same agony. I know I am missing part of what happened growing up part of what I was taught and told and I know I lived under surveillance. I know that he was also that means that everyone no matter who you are or what was said needs to wait to persecute the man until he is talked to alone and away from his environment before we all pass judgement that includes me. (Which I am doing.) This is why I called where he lives and flat out told the police he must stay alive no matter what.

We are both dealing with a lot of nasty people, with what is called zero scruples. I do not like the sound of “Dave’s law” I never pushed hard enough or did anything to have to worry about Dave’s law but maybe he has enacted Dave’s law or maybe someone got a hold of his tapes and enacted it for him.

Which I was told the tapes were stolen and I believe and have seen things to make me believe that is true. Which is also why I have not passed judgement and will not until he has a chance to speak for himself when he feels safe to do so. Which is what every man on this planet deserves and why HANDS the vigilante gang is so unbelievably wrong because they punish people for crimes without a judge, without a jury based solely on their own opinions abusing victims of crime and sometimes killing them, going off half cocked before the entire story is heard. Which is why I was told I was head of hands but declined the offer as I am not interested in being the head of any gang or mob and when I said I was a leader that is not what he meant when teaching me to lead. He did not teach me to lead to lead a gang or mob or be apart of one he was grooming me for something much bigger than that. Which was supposed to be to become the first woman president which I personally think he is out of his mind about in most ways but see his point in some ways.

But I will never become. Which makes me a big disappointment. I apologize for that but no one will vote for a serial killers daughter. So all that work has gone to waste, that and I really do not want to pretend to be Barbie and can not stand the disrespect given to those voted into office. They work hard and are treated worse than dogs, people are calling the President a murderer, I do not want that for myself why would anyone. It is the worst job on the planet, it does not hold prestige there is no respect from anyone and people are constantly attacking your character and your own personal life choices. They can not even wear jewelry for god sake someone will attack them for that.

I do not know where people got the idea that you must look like garbage all the time, that you can not buy form fitting clothing, wear nice things, wear jewelry or be yourself. You have to morph yourself into what they want and not who you actually are. I have no problem with some refinement but sometimes I just want to relax and with these people you can not relax they will not allow you to. There is a time for clothing that is fitted and then there are times when you want to wear sweats your age should not determine what section you buy your clothing from you should not have to forgo wearing shorts or wear knee length ones if your past a certain age. You do not have to morph for anyone. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup there is nothing wrong with hair color there is nothing wrong with wearing a form fitted SKIRT suit, there is nothing wrong with knee length boots, there is nothing wrong with anything I do. There really is not.

I will never change not for nothing or no one. Some things might get edited some but I am staying my own true self and if other’s do  not like it they can go pound sand.

Which is why I do not want the job, would not run for the job and want no part of the job. I do not want to pretend to be BARBIE. Even though they need me and I would be good at it. They would hate me anyway. I am to strict and won’t put up with other peoples tongue in cheek back handed comments and disrespect.

If I remember correctly, President Trump did not even take a salary but took the job anyway that is ridiculous he deserves a salary just like you and me no matter how much money he has. His name has been drug through the mud his life almost taken by him being put in jail, his character destroyed by people and all these people make all these accusations without proof.

If the man did something then show me the proof. I have yet to see any proof to back up any accusations no hard proof. I want hard proof. Until you have hard proof shut up about the guy same goes for my father who people have stolen his words that were on personal private tapes and used to abuse me and to deliver or redeliver his messages to me and since the word stolen was used that means with out his permission first. Which means you have no right and now I am going to bust you for it when you do it. As witness tampering and harassment. I was abused he does not deny that but at the same time you do not have a right to further abuse.

There is nothing i can do the power is not in my hands. It is in the peoples hands he is not forcing anyone at gunpoint to do anything. He also did not force anyone at gunpoint to buy policy’s that is on them not on him. IT was not illegal to sell them and technically not illegal to buy them but trying to collect on them is! Which many people have tried to do and he knows who they are and what was done and there are jail cells waiting for them all like I have been assured umpteen million times in my life.

Dave’s law means behave follow the written law and gods law combined like I do and you will be just fine. If not you will find yourself in jail guaranteed. I am not in trouble I did not break any laws even the ones that were made up to try and say that I did. Those laws have to be abolished now because they were not legal laws, like “false reporting” he was the one who called me and told me.  I have photo’s it was not a false report. You have to make things up or barrel in my house with out a warrant to make up things and lie on documents to try and take away my Chrystal clean criminal record for no reason in order to do what was done. Lie about me and screw up my mental health record also, not going to work….. Not at all. Do not even have your story straight. Surveillance video and audio what are you going to do then if its not found then they also know. Dr.’s also have policy’s so do the cops and judges. This is a big mess.

That sets president and it screws up the entire justice system just so you can get away with crime and so you can steal my kids and give them to a vicious evil man that stole them because he did not want to pay COURT ORDERED child support.  $$$

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