Three Champain Bottle Pins & Blue Insurance Hands & Don’t Speak

This bunny Video may not be very symbolic to most, in fact most people would not get it, at least I do not think they would but I do. This is a message a very scary and creepy message to help you understand I will decipher the code.

#1 Its the Easter bunny which I can not stand Easter because it is the celebration of the abuse and persecution of a psychic who had a big heart and cared about people. Just like me.

#2 Three Champagne bottles. Ed Malik had three Champagne bottle pins that said MOET on them I gave the pins to Timothy Cosgrove who I bet still has them. They were Champagne bottles in a bucket. I saw Ed Malik with the pins in the early part of our relationship when living at the Condo in Chicago Ridge and found them in a bag of his with some other clue like items including common baseball cards, crayons for wax statues, and I think that was it.

#3 The bunny has gloves on which are blue the color of Life Insurance.

#4 He is singing Peter Cotton tale – Peter PUMPKIN nursery rhyme is what Peter means. Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater, had a wife and could not keep her. So he put her in a pumpkin shell and there he kept her oh so well.

#5 He is dancing, telling me to dance, Dancing is when an assailant knows you know what they have done. You play pretend after that point they act like everything is fine but it is not fine. You know that the person you are dealing with is trying to take your life. You start to play the game of staying alive after that point, smiling, laughing, pretending. That is all it is to, pretending that you let it go that they just poisoned you, that they tried to kill you, that they almost burned the house down with you and your kids in it, that they almost stuck a needle in your leg when they thought you were asleep. Sometimes they know you are dancing, some times they don’t. Most of the time they really don’t they just think your stupid or “forgot”.

#6 The video repeats itself it plays 3 times  three is the number for mason. The Bunny is using a big sword type knife like a Chinese sword or Machete. Its meant to intimidate.

#7 At the end he puts his arms out like Jesus Christ on a cross.

#8 The bunny is wearing a mask over his mouth which is part of what the symbolism of the mask is. They want the mask over your mouth which means “Don’t speak” “Don’t tell what you know”.

#9 It is in the French Quarter of New Orleans, I was very upset and was screaming and crying at the T.V. when Katrina happened.

#10 Stay away from home, no headquarters, on your guard.  Rabbit hole.

This is a very big message. The streets are vacant, the music is old and probably from an old record from the 30’s or 40’s if not before.

It is a message to try to gaslight or to confirm that the people were killed, that it is not just a virus but also targeting which i have seen people targeted by people purposefully getting them sick in fact it has happened to me. People know they are sick and purposeful come around me to get me sick. Its done on purpose with the hopes of having you hospitalized or that you will die from the sickness that they caused. You have to keep in mind I have other health problems like Systemic Lupus and Lung Problems. This Covid Virus sounds very much like Lupus.

To make matters worse they called it the CORONA virus and my dad is bear. Which means it is Bear’s Virus.

I was told this was a type of war, that people were going to be getting killed and dying, that they used the virus to hide what they were doing. A gang war and at the same time it is also WAR starting efforts which I am supposed to detect. There is no better way to call out and find Communists and Nazi’s then some sort of sickness or virus that causes mass panic. The Nazi’s use these things as tools to take control and to destroy our country thus democracy.

Adding to the mass panic, falsely creating it, abusing people as is shown in these other videos.

I was told as a result of what was done to me, the entire country was literally grounded. They did this to stop the fighting and save lives as well. They sent the people home to spend time with family as many are going to jail for what was done. They allegedly all had knowledge of what was being done to me and the girls, they have knowledge of the kidnapping, they knew about the abuse, they knew about a lot if not all.

Not one person had or has the balls to stand up and tell what they know. A few people did and those people either had to go into hiding or are deceased. The rest all took part in the abuse, they all sat back and watched and allowed it to go on or actively participated.

The fear that people are experiencing is the same kind of fear I faced every day, I know and fully understand what it is like to be afraid of an “invisible enemy”. I know what it is like to be scared of something you can not see, can not pin point, that you almost need a microscope to find. In my case that enemy was poison and it was said in many of these deaths mainly in NY but all across the country in “pockets” where gangs and mobs are prevalent other people also know.

I sat in my house, holes drilled into the exhaust pipes of the furnace, I found the holes, and realized that someone was trying to kill us with CO2.

I sat in my house while my ex-husband was outside with a can of map gas had created a fire trap inside the house blocking doors, hiding fire extinguishers, removing all the fire alarms. And he was pumping up the conduit with map gas which is highly flammable. I did not sleep for 3 days, to protect the kids and the house, I had every light in the house on and we kept it that way so he would not know what room we were in or not in.  I would not leave the house empty for one  minute someone always had to be home to man the house and that is what I called it. “Maddie you stay here and Mann the house.” just to keep him from coming in and blowing up the house.

I understand how scary it is when you do not feel good, and what it is like to be germophobic.

I also understand how useless it is and dangerous it is to cover your mouth and nose up with a mask.

YOu cough into a mask and then sit and inhale the germs you just coughed up heightening your immune system even more. You wear it outside in the fresh clean air and do not wear it when your stuck in the house around other people. Staying inside cooped up in the house is not going to protect you it will only cause you to get sick. The logic is not there and that is because everyone is all bunched up and scared.

It is hard to make clear, level headed choices when you are afraid. For me I started to realize this and started to consciously work on it. I used things in my environment to remind me. Not every one does what I did but they coudl if they needed to.

When Swine flue came out I did not leave the house not one foot out the front door for three months. Think about all the time I lost from just “life”.

Then I started to snap out, it took a lot to get me outside. I looked at the level on the back door, and thought to myself I need to keep a level head. I learned to keep myself calm. I used to shake from fear, I have gone to the hospital a couple times for facial paralysis which is from stress and anxiety. So  I understand.

You have to use logic, and science, and reason, and analytical and critical thinking. You can not be afraid of the booger man. You must face your fears and sometimes you must take your chances. There is nothing wrong with walking around with germ-x it reminds me that my x made me sick and is a germ. But covering your mouth is bad symbolism it effects you and its not healthy it really is not and when you sit down and think about the logic it’s just not there.

These masks have caused a huge problem they make people sick and those in charge like police think they can force you to wear them which is where the NAZI thing comes in.

I ask you this when did we all become “followers” the united states is supposed to LEAD in these types of things. We see China who oh by the way kills off babies because of their gender wear a mask and we break out the masks without applying good level headed reason.

This upsets me, it upsets me because I do not think I am all that smart, I really don’t and I know people are not stupid I know they are not. I know and udnerstand they are scared.  But you can not live your life in fear of getting sick, you can not live afraid. You could get hit by a bus walking down the street are you going to stay in the house out of fear that you might.

You have to face your fears and concor them in some cases its good to be afraid but when it effects life this much you must face your fears and I realize that takes time.

IF people realize it or not these types of things have all happened before and now people are going to be in what I call a super power pressure deluxe just like a pressure cooker.

Now people will be short money, and they won’t have jobs, they will lose their cars, their houses, their electric, gas, food, water, people will die of starvation. Those in big city’s do not realize this nor to most people at all. People die of starvation, the body can only go without food and water for so long. Do you know how I know? I almost did.

To sit stranded in a house with no food and no water and no place to obtain any. No one will help you, and people actually think they can whore you out or starve you so that they can try to push you to commit a crime or whore you out is disgusting. But that is what was done.  I was starved, and I was robbed, of my life, my family, my home, my love of art, my artwork itself which were originals, my gallery showing, my business dreams, my health, the proceeds from my home, my wins in court.

I was robbed of it all, and people walk around acting in two words ignorant and indigent.

I don’t think any of this is funny and my dad is psychic so let me tell you what, it could be gangs and mobs, or it could be that he knew a virus was going to happen and by coincidence it just fit. I know he did not make a virus itself, why they chose the name Corona I do not know ask who ever named it.

They have named Hurricane’s Sarah.

This whole thing is bad, you have officers that are way out of control in some area’s. They are abusing people, making them afraid and treating them the exact same way as people were literally treated in NAZI Germany and all over the world the sad part is, this is America and none of this is ever for any reason at all ever supposed to happen here. NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would see this level of complete and total disregard for peoples rights and their health. A mask will not save you, but it will help you get sick and I already explained why. You are asking for a lung infection and to send your body into a tizzy your immune system can not keep up which is why who ever is in charge and making these recommendations needs to be held responsible for all these deaths. He is truly a monster in closets as are these people who we rely upon to keep us safe and not harm us while doing so, sadly they do not seem to understand or care about the people, what they think, and are hopped up on adrenaline and power, while they are dong what they are doing they are abusing their positions, over exerting their power and are power hungry, the people they were sworn to protect and not considering the U.S. Constitution which they swore to defend abide by and uphold.

This is the United States of America- DO NOT FORGET THIS OR WHAT COUNTRY THIS IS!

Something VERY WRONG Is going on in the COUNTRY and it is COMMUNISM and NAZI INVASION just like what happened in GERMANY the same exact thing happened and LIFE INSURANCE was behind it. IT led to a WORLD WAR.


These officers showed great restraint put up with more than enough and these kinds of people are way out of control and out of hand. There is no reason for absolutely any of this or how he is acting. The officer kept his calm stayed professional and should be commended and then some! He did not bite to the mans attempts to provoke or instigate proving he is the adult. Show some RESPECT people!

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